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5 stand Videos and 360 picture

This page has the final version of the 5 Stand video as well as media and info for a 360 panoramic picture with the player perspective. Video info is first followed by 360 info below the embedded video which can be played on this page. To easily pick up the media for use elsewhere, click the Download button below.

5 Stand video showing the fun that can be enjoyed playing this shotgun game

Two files can be downloaded below using the Download buttons below

  • A 360 .jpg that can be used in services that display 360 deg panoramic pictures
  • A .zip file with code that can be embedded to display the picture in a panoramic view

Displaying the 360 panorama picture can be a challenge. There are sites that will do this for a monthly fee using the .jpg file as the media and one that may do this for free ( for less than 100 public uploads per month).

To do this on your own web site requires some code support. There are also a couple open source tools for making Pano pictures with this code support. is a good choice that creates code which can be embedded in a web site to display a 360 panoramic picture. I haven’t figured out how to make it work in WP but ran it in a local XAMPP web server and it worked great.