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About Zettapix

Aerial Photography for you!


Aerial Photography and Videography

Capture through Post and Presentation

Mapping and Construction

Aerial photogrammetry for measurement, inventory, construction progress, conformance, documentation

Real Estate

Interior/Exterior Still, Video, 360, Aerial

Inspection & Documentation

Roofs, Structures, Towers

The Creation of Zettapix

I found a creative outlet in photography and web design during many years spent managing engineering groups in the computer industry. Now I bring a passion for these arts as I leverage my technology background for aerial and land photography and videography along with editing skills.

In roasting my own coffee I discovered an almost endless continuum of variables that affects taste in the journey from green bean through roasting, storage, and brewing to arrive in the cup. Applying engineering and management skills to steer the creative process has given me tasteful repeatability.

I bring this same approach to merge the artistic with an understanding and control of variables which create repeatably interesting and useful results. Some examples are presented below.

Other than the interesting perspective created by the aerial shot, photographic capture of difficult to access areas or easily damaged areas via physical touch are brought within easy reach with a drone. This opens opportunities for inspection and evaluation that would otherwise be more difficult.

– Mark Taylor

The following is an eclectic mix of aerial shots of local landmarks as well as a couple personal photos from travel and experimentation.

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