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Using Aerial and Panorama Images to Make Your Listings Stand Out

The image on the right is a traditional street view of this property for rent.

In comparison, aerial photos catch the viewers eye as exemplified in the gallery below. They give a better sense of the property in a small number of images.

The following gallery shows the advantages of Aerial photography. The first three pictures add a little height. This starts to give a sense for the left and right sides of the property. The next three pictures do a better job of showing the front yard and let the viewer know what the two side yards look like. The last two pictures give a top down perspective on the property as a whole and a good view of the backyard. Neighbor’s properties are blurred for privacy.

The following panoramic views provide a good sense of the neighborhood. The first panoramic was taken at ground level while the second and third are aerials taken at different altitudes.