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Our Services

Maintain Tree Health

Don’t trust your tree care to any tree service. Proper training and education are essential to the longevity of your investment. Quality Tree Care is Certified, licensed, bonded and fully insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise at competitive prices.

Fine Pruning

Our customers have a variety of tastes, but they all have one thing in common. They expect, deserve and receive quality tree care and pruning. Anything less and you don’t stay in business long. Curry Bros has been providing quality tree care for homes, businesses and wineries since 1993.

Tree Removal

No matter how large or small, Curry Bros offers safe, clean and efficient solutions for removal or take down of your problem trees. Rarely if ever can you put a saw to a tree and just let it fall. Homes, landscapes, and infrastructure around most large trees require the skills of a trained professional. Curry Bros Tree Care has no equal in removing difficult trees without causing damage. We are simply the BEST!!





Junk Removal


Tree Service

Pest Control

We’ve been providing quality tree care since 2005

Started by two brothers with a love of our urban forest, Curry Bros Tree Care has been providing high quality tree management services for commercial as well as residential properties. We make sure everything is excellent, from the firts cut to the cleanup and haul away.

Our Work

From Our Clients

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Melvin Thornton

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Mattie Casey

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