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Mark Taylor Example Portfolio for Consideration of DLC Video Editing Position

Examples on Youtube

The following is a series of links to videos on Youtube that I created followed by descriptions.

De Anza JC Video: I created this video to share with people who went to De Anza JC many many years ago. The idea is to show Flint Center, which has been closed, and show what the campus looks like today. All video was taken with a DJI Action 2 on a small gimbal. I did all the video editing and matched it to the music.

Drone Mapping: I made the this video to show what mapping assets can be generated with a drone. I did all media capture and editing. It can also be found on Instagram under @zettapix at

Don Burnett Bridge: I did this video for fun. There is a unique pedestrian bridge with interesting geometric shapes that I thought might render well. I used a DJI Action 2 on a gimbal and did the editing myself.

Family Vacation Video: I present a family vacation video as an example of a longer project. This was all shot with a Canon G9X, some of it on a small gimbal. This a mix of video and stills with some audio mixing so speed can be heard on top of the music. Carefull attention was paid to matching the video to what was useful in the music (clipping for length). This is personal so allowed usage is for employment evaluation only with no distribution or other usage rights in part or full.

Tree Trim Video: Our neighbor had the top of their pine tree cut off after a major branch split off. I used a drone, DJI Action 2, and Canon SLR to capture video, in camera hyperlase, and manually created hyperlapse via timed stills stitched together in post to create this video. I did all the capture and video editing. Please don’t share as there are no distribution rights given by the people involved. Allowed usage is for employement evaluation only.


Examples on Instagram

I have a number of posts on Instagram that leveraged their music. They don’t show as nicely off-platform so I included them here.

New Almaden Hike Video: I used a DJI Action 2 and Sony a6000 to capture the media for the following video that I edited. Increased clip speed as well as speed ramps and zooming on still pictures were used to keep viewer interest. I slipped the music and tweeked the duration of the video to match the video up to the music provided by Instagram. Kinda happy with how it turned out.

Rooftop patio RE Video: I did this and the following video to help a friend who is a real estate agent. In the first one, I shot the video with a Mavic 2 Pro in 4K and zoomed in during post to create the vertical format at 1080p equivalent. I did all the video editing. He added the text and music in the post.

RE Video: In this second video I shot with an a6000 on a gimbal and did all the video editing. My friend added the text and music in Instagram.

There are other videos and media on this site that I shot and edited. The condo one is jittery; I believe that is because I set the shutter speed to slow. Live and learn. The one that is aerials and the back yard was done early in my learning curve. I only had access to the outside so it feels unfinished.