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Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry

The acquisition of pictures for documentation, measurement, inventory, construction progress, conformance, and marketing

What is Photogrammetry good for?
  • Mapping
  • Pictures
  • Progress Tracking
  • Measurement Tools
  • Site Inventory
  • Location Documentation
  • Position Verification
  • Fast Oerview
  • 3D modeling
Aerial Photography and photogrammetry

Photogrammetry goes beyond just taking a picture from the sky. It is the science and technology involved in making reliable measurements of the environment. Geo spacial data is used to create 2D renderings that can be used for linear and area measurements. In the right form it can create 3D models for further interpretation of a location. The photos below were taken over the course of a few weeks and not only show progress but also the kinds of assets that can be acquired for analysis and tracking.

What goes into Aerial Photogrammetry?
  • Flight planning and authorization
  • Automated flight control
  • Drone
  • Camera
  • Post processing
  • Analysis tools
  • Presentation and reporting

General Site Pictures

Aerial pictures can provide a general sense of the site. A time-series can capture progress. These can be used for general documentation, to keep investors/owners appraised of progress, or to build interest as construction nears completion.


Aerial photos can provide long term document such as where pipes and other underground materials are laid. They also good for documenting transient info such as materials and material counts on site. Site Progress button shows movie of changes over 1 week.

Measurement Tools

Aerial photos can be imported into tools that support analysis such as length and area measurements. Progress can be tracked over time by building up photographic layers that can be selected through.

360 Aerial Experience

An aerial 360 panoramic view provides a quick way to get a sense of a site.

Terrain Altitude

This view gives an indication of land and feature altitudes on the site. In this case, the site shows a general downward slope from left to right.

High Resolution Imagery

High resolution imagery uses multiple photos to create one large photo. The button below loads an image with a 3-4 inch feature accuracy. A 1 inch accuracy is possible.

3D modeling and projection

A 3D model can be created that gives a sense of height changes and provides different perspectives as it is rotated and tilted.

Documenting Site Progress

This video is an example of construction progress over the course of a couple months. It is created by sequencing still photos in a video. The first is a series of orthorectified top-down pictures of the whole site and the second is facing westerly across the site.

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