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Roof Inspection

Drones provide efficient access to roofs and efficient documentation of their condition. They are a great choice for delicate tile roofs or large areas.

About this Example

This composition shingle roof was inspected using a DJI drone flown by an experienced Part 107 Remote Pilot on premisis. Flight time was about 20 minutes and yielded:

  • Pictures of roof features
  • Orthomosaic composite view
  • Measurements using orthomosaic
  • Conclusion on roof condition

Roof stats on the left were generated from the orthomosaic picture shown above using computer generated measurement of the roof features to calculate areas and distances.

Pictures of features on the roof were captured to inspect for problems and they can be seen below.

Although this roof has indications of wear, no major problems were found. Repainting specific flashing is suggested to prolong their life.

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